We The People

If you are a citizen of the United States I want to share a thought with you, as well as some history.

I believe that one of the biggest problems with our Senate, our Congress and our Presidents is that they all probably never read these three documents (shown below) in detail, or if they did, they don't care. Maybe they all need to take a test or a refresher course on these three documents before they are seated.

In fact, I believe that most of the citizens in the United States have never read or actually understand what it was our forefathers tried to do when writing these documents.

We only have us to blame for where we are today, because we took it for-granted that our elected officials would have our (We The People) best interests at heart. We fell asleep at the wheel, and they ran the truck right over us.

We can not continue to standby and let lawyers and the supreme court continue to modify and change what is written, much less let any one group feel they are above the laws of this land, which is what these three documents intended to establish.

- The Law of the Land -

Here they are. All three in one easy location for you to read.

US constitution

Bill of Rights

Declaration of Independence

If you take the time to read these three documents, you will become a more informed citizen.

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I hope you feel like me, and that is we all need to be a little more educated on these three documents.

Please note - I am not endorsing or supporting any of the presidential adds located on any of the above three sites.

Thanks and have a great day.


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Ted, Hanging in my office is a 14x20 aged, copy of the constitution which my daughter gave me for christmas many years ago. She even painted & stressed …

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