Best time of year to recruit is ?

by Ted Wolk

November 29, 2012

If you are planning to recruit, (November and December) this is the absolutely best time of the year. People are in a good mood. If they are looking to change careers, they usually want to do it early on in the new year. You also get them going during a positive selling time before little league, fishing and golfing kick back in, if your in the winter belt.

Even during the rest of the year, nothing happens unless you make it happen. I always operated on the theory of – “How do you eat an elephant? “ The answer is “one bite at a time.” This is what you need to do when recruiting.

So lets start out with the first bite. Make up a list of 15 people you will want to call. Then pick up the phone. When they answer, tell them that business has been so good that we are looking at adding a couple new people to our agency and I am calling you to know if you can recommend some one for me to contact. We are looking for people that want a career and not a job. I know you know a lot of people, but who would the first 3 people that come to mind.

Now they are going to start mentioning names so have your pad and pencil ready. After they recommend 3 names then ask them for information about each one and whether you can use his/her name as the referrer.

He might even say How about me or my wife.

If you get a positive response then set up a preliminary interview as suggested in my agency manual. if you don’t ask, no one will know your looking to hire. Try and do this once per month or as many time you can develop 15 names. The best is also asking a prospect or existing client after the interview, just before you leave. If you remember the detective show Colombo, just as he was about to leave a home, he would always turn around and say oh by the way......

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday..

Ted Wolk

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