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Too much turn off the client langage.
by: Ted


First off;

Click on "The Sales Process" icon on the left side of our site under the Getting ready to sell insurance section and review item:

2)Phone Calling for Appointments.

You may also want to review "selling techniques" under the sales tips and marketing ideas section.


Here are my thoughts:

Your script is written for Eric and not the prospect you are calling.

In my opinion, this part of your script below is your problem. If you called me with this script--and said:


"We offer a broad portfolio of affordable insurance products and services from highly rated companies. I would like to offer you my assistance in finding the best solution that fits your needs and budget. I would like to schedule an appointment with you for a free quote, is mornings or afternoons convenient for you?"

You are telling me you want to give me a quote. You are telling me you want to get into my check book. You are telling me that you want to find the best solution. You don't even know if I have a problem yet.

Note: What I am hearing is that you want to sell me something. No way am I sitting down with you.

You need to tone it down.

This is what worked for me.

Something like:

"Mr Prospect, This is Eric **** Congratulations on you marraige, or I understand that you are in the process of getting married.

I specialize in visting with newley weds and sharing with them some fresh new ideas about their financial future. I have also found that Many newlyweds are looking for some type of simple inexpensive life insurance starter plan. I would like to share some ideas with you, and if nothing more I would like the opportunity to meet the both of you. Are daytime or evening appointments best?

Note: Here you are asking me for an interview to share some fresh new ideas. Hey, I like to hear new Ideas, lets go for it.

You also need to have one key marketing concept, or a starter family plan to show them. Provide two choices, one real cheap one and one with a little cash build up. Which one of these starter plans best fits your situation today.

Your objective is to get them to become a client. Sell them what they want and then once they are a client you can sell them what they need.

Best of luck..Let me know if this helps in any way.


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