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process that I can try

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Mentoring help
by: Ted

Yes, I do provide mentoring help. We can set up a program to fit your specific needs. If you are interested, I can provide you with mentoring help on an hourly basis via Skype or Google chat. Best to start out with a one on one phone call to see if what your goals are. You can contact me via
e-mail at:


Sales Mentor
by: Ed Ruotolo

Hi Ted,
Thanks for responding so fast. Do you still mentor
agents??? If so, i am interested... Also, I asked about a repeatable sales process on your site. I found it in mastering the art of closing the sale.
I am not a newcomer, just in a rut...The last 10 years or more I always made $200-250k per yr selling annuities...Now i would like to master
life insurance as well, and add another stream of income...Your site is great, its a huge help to all agents, all levels...

Ed Ruotolo

Repeatable process
by: Ted

Am unsure of what you are asking for. Do you mean for selling, for closing for phone calling, for referrals?

If it is for selling, and you do not have a target market selling presentation that the company provided to you then you need to start looking for another company real fast.

If you are a new agent, and starting out in the insurance business, you need to find a quality captive insurance company that will teach you the business the right way. Captive companies take you under their wing to help you.

If you started with a broker company that provides only products to sell and no other help, you are probably on your way to failure before you start. Broker companies, as a general rule are for experienced agents who already learned how to sell.

Read this article and click on the associated links >


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process that I can try

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