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About Recruiting
by: Anonymous

Thanks Ted for the idea.. :)
I'll try to do what you are suggested.. :D
By the way.. I have another question...
Hope you not become bored :)

This time about recruiting...
What is the criteria for a good agents must have..
And do you have any idea how to attract new agent to selling insurance..?

Thanks again for the idea.. :)

Creating a positive image.
by: Ted

I am sorry to hear that there is such a problem. It should be up to the insurance companies to start cleaning up the bad guys or some type of an insurance commissioner.

One idea that may work is that you create some type of two part marketing campaign using a pre-approach letter.

Maybe something to the effect that when you call people the first time, you tell them that you are only calling to introduce yourself on the phone and would like to send them an introduction letter about yourself and the type of work you do to help families. Sort of a resume about yourself and your beliefs on helping people create to create money.

"Mr prospect, My name is _______, and I am calling to introduce myself. I work for abc insurance company and my only objective of this phone call is that I would like your permission to send you an introduction letter about myself and the work I do." And then maybe we can get the opportunity to meet each other.

Then I would send the letter out with a follow up phone call after about 2 to 3 days calling them and asking for an appointment.

I know it sounds like extra work, but you may want to try some test marketing and see what happens..


Is there any sales ideas?
by: Hadi

Thanks for the comment, and really help.. :)
I have another question.. Is there any sales ideas how to make people realize that they really need insurance...
(Just for information in my country there are some obstacles that the people don't want take an insurance. - They think some insurance company cheat on them. and it happened that some agents have a bad habit they not take a good training so they not explain it clearly to customers, so when they take the claim, the insurance company not pay them.)

and another question is how to handling the clients that take many reasons to listen about insurance..?

Thanks for the advises

Here are the three key steps to closing.
by: Anonymous

There are 3 key areas to closing.

First off you need to make sure you have a qualified prospect, someone who has a need.

Secondly you need to really listen and ask questions.

And thirdly you need to learn how to close on the objection.

Click on our site map link on the top left side of this page and scroll down to the section on "Running the Interview" and review the topic pages in that section, or copy and paste the below link.

Hope this will help. Please comment back here when you get done and feel free to ask any questions after reading these topics..Ted

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