Mike McCoy, Life and Annuity Masters

"We are one of the largest and most well respected insurance and annuity marketing companies in the U.S.

We have more to offer our partners than most, if not all of the other marketing companies out there.

We have a great "fresh" and "exclusive" lead programs for the Mortgage, Final Expense and the Medicare markets. We work in the Federal Employee, Hispanic, High net worth, as well as a few others key markets. We work with over 50 carriers.

Also we have developed a unique target market for women agents.

We pay some of the highest commissions in the industry, for example; we will pay 115% commission with our top five carriers for their "level" Final Expense products, and that is just where we start.

I work in the marketing department and if you would like to know more, feel free to e-mail me at mmccoy@laaminc.com."

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Cost of LTC
by: Mike McCoy

I'm sure we all know that there will be a large majority (70%) of us who will need Long Term Care after age 65. Maybe for just a few weeks or maybe years. Either way, the need for LTC insurance should be on your mind when you reach the age of 50, and if it isn't it should be. For those of us who have looked into buying LTC to protect our family and our investments if this need does develop in our lives. We have found that you can't buy a LTC policy with a "guaranteed" monthly premium anymore. So this creates a big problem when you can't count on the premiums staying the same for the life of your policy.

I have good news! There is a company who offers a product (UL/Annuity) with a LTC rider that was built just for the benefit of LTC.

This is a product where your client can take money out of a taxable investment, or out of a savings account that isn't earning them any money, and dump it into this product that can give them the reassurance (tax free) to know that if and when they need to go into a care facility for a short time or for years. They will have something in place to cover this, so they won't need to use everything they have worked so hard to build up over their life.

This isn't a product for everyone being that you can't make monthly payment. But, if you work with clients that we call "middle America" type of client, then this can work for a large majority of these people.

Assets Under Management
by: Mike McCoy

Hello Ted,

I wanted to let you know that Life and Annuity Masters have just partnered Coastal Private Wealth Management. This is a top of the line RIA company that is here to help agents who have clients who are looking to move...some,or all their money out of risky portfolio's. Here is a link to the website to give you a better idea as to what this is: http://cpwminc.com/

Thank you


Target marketing
by: Ted

Great marketing concept.

Something New!
by: Mike McCoy

I wanted to tell everyone about our new program we are rolling out. This is something we have been working on for about a year now. It is the only one of it's kind that I am aware of.

It's called WEFI.....Women Empowering Financial Independence. This was designed by women and for women who are working in or who are looking to work in the Insurance and Financial Planning arena.

Take a look at what we are just getting ready to roll out.


Very respected company
by: Ted Wolk

I have worked with Mike and Life and annuity masters. They are a top of the line insurance brokerage agency, and they are located in every state.

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