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Dear Mr. Ted

I have failure and bad experience in recruiting and train the new recruiters thus I frustrated and decide to not hire anybody and just like to maintain my exiting agents and concentrate my personal sales.

I changed my mind and realize my thought is wrong and all the way I have been doing wrong method of recruiting process. I will build up my confident level on recruiting and training new agents with your proper guidance.

From year 2012 my full concentration should be in agency building. In order to prepare some kits for new comers, I have a few doubts that need to be cleared so that I need your help in this matter. What kind of training materials, methods, skills and knowledge should have for:

1) agents those before sit for insurance exam 2) after exam but before sign agreement 3) after signing agreement 4) first month 5) 30 days to 60 days agents 6) 90 days agents 7) 6 month agents and 1 year agents.

If I prepare all the training kits upfront, I feel I don’t have to worry about training new comers with full of confident and systematic. For your information I never and don’t have this kind of training materials until I read through your recruiting manual. Thank you so much Mr. Ted wolk’s.

Hope will hear from you soon.


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New insurance agent activity-The first 30-60-90 days,
by: Ted


In reference to your below series of questions, related to you Insurance recruiting manual purchase. Have you completed going through all the information in all 8 modules? I would re-read that information a couple of times.

As far as the 30-60-90 day training, this is something that you will need to give some thought to. It is hard for me to give an answer to you, because I do not know what kind of help or products you have available from your company.

The first question I would ask from you is: Do you start training your new agents with one single marketing concept, in other words one product to sell?

Step one in recruiting is determining if you have a qualified candidate. If you feel you do, then they need to get their insurance license and stay focused on that. Your new agent should also then go out with you or another agent to observe the type of product they are going to sell and they also need to own the product they are going to sell.

Once those steps are done, then you concentrate on teaching them phone calling, the interview, closing techniques and so on, You need to have written scripts for them to read and learn. You then need to observe their phone calling sessions, go out and help them with their first 5 to 8 interviews and make sure they are doing things the right way.

Remember hiring and training a new agent requires teaching them a proven and tested success formula, hopefully it is the one you are using or used when you started.

Being an agency manager or insurance recruiter is not a spectator sport, you must lead from the front. When I was selling and recruiting, there was no one that had a better presentation than me. To maintain and increase their activity, you may want to use the insurance work unit as a way to monitor activity and encourage them to get the job done.

This is link to closing pyramid article, also make sure click on the video link on this page and watch the video -

Some of the key things that a manager needs to teach a new agent is on this page

Module 8 also provides you with a list of things a new agent should be studying, Incorporate these into your training program and discuss them with a new agent as appropriate.

I Hope this helps you with your questions.. Ted

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