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by: Anonymous

Ted, I agree with your comment regarding taking on agents when you are trying to build your own. Even if you are happy where you are, it is wise to always keep a look out for opportunity, wouldn't you agree?

Your remarks about leadership, poor management and training are what seem to be the same issue for anyone wanting to leave their industry so that helps me as I can see that the insurance industry is no different.

This organization I am joining is well established, successful and one of the best training programs in the industry so I believe that listening to the pain points, if there are any, will be most important as the background traits can offer a winning opportunity.

Thanks for sharing!

Luring existing insurance agents to your agency.
by: Ted

Quite honestly, if you just starting agency building, that is worse place to recruit. Luring other insurance agents away from their present companies usually results in dealing with people who are failing. And if they are successful, why would they want to move and possibly loose their renewals. My agency building manual explain all this. Click this link or copy and paste it and watch the short video for more ideas.

However, the number one reason most agents will want to move is due to poor management and lack of leadership from their present manager. If you are going to recruit someone away, you are example number one. Do not try to recruit me to your team if you do not have a successful selling background that I can relate to.

Of course your biggest objection will be. I am happy where I am at. Then you should ask them what makes them happy so you understand what you need to do. Problem with recruiting away from other companies, is that everyone was trained differently, which then creates a management nightmare for you. "Well this is the way my last company done this"

Hope this helps.

Good luck and keep in touch.


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