Congratulations on your insurance learning center purchase, through

Do not delete this page.

We will E-mail you within 48 hours the required password to open your training program shown below. We will be using the e-mail address you used with PayPal to mail it to you.

Make sure you keep this page available.

You can click on the enrollment page for you specific purchase using the following links shown below.

If you click on that page now, you will see that it asks for a password. Once we send you that password, please enter it in the box and your program will open up. Once you open it, just follow the instructions.

Selling Insurance -101

Selling Insurance -102

Selling Insurance -103

Agency building-104

If you have any type of problem please use this contact me me button to get hold of me.

Have a great day. Looking forward to getting started

Ted Wolk

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