by Alexandra


I am still reading everything on your page since there is so much great material to cover! I am new to both recruiting and the insurance industry. Currently I do marketing and recruiting for our agency but I've had a hard time recruiting. I have done intensive searches on Monster and Indeed but with little to no results. I am working hard to get people in here but this isn't the easiest business to recruit for. I really want to be successful and help my agency grow. I just finished signing up for mailchimp and will definitely be using it. Can you recommend a strategy for me to get recruits and hire new agents?

Thanks a lot!

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Ted is so right!
by: Agency Builder

I too am having problems trying to recruit, even though I am a "District Leader" on my team ( I do have recruits under me) but things have been at a standstill.

I think people have to also see that we are serious in the business of selling life insurance. People will break bread with you, but will not join or business and/or sometimes buy a policy from you. I am currently working on my small team and will have to be patient with becoming successful. Like Ted said, people are attracted to successful people so let's do it!

by: Ted


Recruiting is just like selling, its a numbers game. The key is recruiting people to a target market. In other words, a CPA would be someone who would sell to other CPA"s. A factory worker would sell to people in the same or similar position that he or she was.

Recruiting is process. The absolute best method that worked for me was what I call "the opportunity meetings" Using this format saves you a lot of time and it brings people to your doorstep.

Here is the link for more on that recruiting method.>>>

Module 1 thru 3 of our recruiting manual has a lot of good ideas also. Module 3 would be a good place to start. >>

Here is great article I found that may be of help to you.>>

And finally, you are exhibit #1 to recruit to. Before things started popping for me, I had to become a successful sales person first. People will follow successful people. Your number one challenge is to become successful in selling otherwise how can you train other people if you do not have your own success formula in place.

Let me know if I can be of further help.


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