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Who Do I call
by: Ted

Prospecting is a 24/7 requirement. You need to create a success system to generate leads. There are numerous ways to do this. Newspaper names, new babies, new home purchases, new promotions, referrals.

All these, plus many more ideas are laid out in my prospect or die e-book. I would strongly suggest you purchase this. Its only $9.95 and I guess if you don't want to invest $9 in your career, you maybe aren't yet full committed to making yourself a better agent. Here is that link >>


Ted Wolk

Where to prospect.
by: Ted

Read this article called the prospecting ladder.

prospecting and daytime calling.
by: Ted

When I first started I had the mindset that everyone worked during the day so only time to call would be evenings, which I shared with my mentor. He looked me in the eye and said. Ted, go take a walk around the shopping centers and the mall during the day and then come back and tell me everybody works during the day.

I would suggest you purchase my Prospect or Die e-book for $9.95. It answers all your questions and is a great tool to help you with prospecting and calling. >>

Knowledge is power

learn and earn

Ted Wolk

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