Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan

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Annual planning, getting organized, setting goals, for a producing Insurance agent

Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan

Success is determined by creating a sales and marketing plan. this article is going to discuss how to create an Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan.

How do I create the proper mindset to start

If you have not completed a plan of action for the upcoming year, then stop, do not past go. Do not make any calls.

Each and every year, the very successful insurance agents take the time to sit down and write out a sales and marketing plan. If you do not spend at least 2 to 3 days doing this, then you are  not serious and you are just putting down numbers.

First off you must get away to a quiet place where you can think.

then you must work your plan backwards.

This means determining how much income you need to make to take care of your financial obligations and your family.

I use to write down the following 3 questions to give me as starting point.

  1. What is situation now?
  2. what do I want  it to be.
  3. What do I have to do to get there.

Have you ever tried to build a house?

Would you start building without some type of a blueprint?

Of course not. That would be foolish.

if your company does not provide some type of planning ahead book i strongly recommend that you consider asking you manager for information on how to get one from the company or Limra.

Without some type of planning ahead book, you probably will fail. it is a known fact that 90% of all business's that fail, do so because of sloppy or poor record keeping. This is your business, your career we are talking about. it is  not a requires a form of discipline. A positive personal behavior management trait.

So What does it entail?

Building your Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan should provide you a blueprint of what your income goals are, what company recognition clubs you want to make, what is needed to win your companies trip and what you need to do to achieve each one.

Many times insurance agents mistake annual goal setting with an insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan.

Goal setting is just a bunch of numbers. But an insurance agents yearly marketing plan is the development of an action plan showing who you will be calling, what markets you will penetrate, how you will approach each situation and so on.  

To me, every annual planning session is taking all the knowledge (your experiences) you learned during your insurance career up to that moment in time and adding what you learned in the last year, and then apply that knowledge and use it to create a new and better action plan.

When should you do it?  How do I start?

When i decided to build my plan for each year, it usually took me at least 2 to 3 days of serious thinking and planning.

So you need to get away to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. 

The first thing I done was right down these 3 questions:

  1. What is situation now?
  2. Want  it to be?
  3. What do I have to do to get there?

I made a page for each one and then wrote a brief summary on each one. I usually ended up revising each section about 7 or 8 times before i ended up with what i was comfortable with. then at that point i started to develop my Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan for the coming year.

Work backwards.

The first thing i worked on was what i was going to need to take care of my family and my business expenses for the upcoming year. I then worked backwards using the data from my prior years bookkeeping records.

In other words, if i knew my average sale resulted in $743 in commission and i needed to make $67,000 income for the year, then i knew that i needed to make to make 90.17 sales for the year, or 1.73 sales per week, if using 52 weeks. (not adjusted for any bonus's or lapses)

Once i done that, then I converted those numbers to a work unit.

Once i determined the amount of premium or sales i needed, then I spent at least a day developing my marketing plan. In other words:

  1. what new markets did i want to open (estate planning, business buy and sell, deferred compensation, etc.)
  2. what was my target market,
  3. How was i going to approach my current market and my current clients.
  4. when was i going to make phone calls
  5. how many mailing pieces did i want to mail and what kind.
  6. how many referred leads did i want to generate each week
  7. what type of client appreciation dinners did i want to have?
  8. what times did i want to spend with my family and children?
  9. what schooling did I want to take for that year?
  10. what were some key centers of influence, people to help me.

and the list goes on. in other words, building an Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan requires time and a lot of thought. You need to break everything down, quarter by quarter, week by week and day by day.

then comes the commitment. if you make a plan and a goal and don't tell anyone about it, its like that saying "does a tree make a noise in the forest when it falls down if no one is around?"

The toughest part of being successful and meeting your goals is to make a commitment to someone to validate your seriousness.
Developing your businesses goals and a plan of action for the upcoming year is part of becoming a successful  business person. It does not happen ad hoc or by accident.

Put a little note in your pocket, a 3 X 5 card, so that whenever you reach into your shirt  pocket, it remind you to work on your new changes.

I hope that this Insurance Agent Yearly Marketing Plan article will some how benefit you. if you have read down this far, then you are a committed agent.

Most agents will come to this page and spend 15 seconds looking for instant gratification and a quick fix. it just don't work that way.

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