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Recruiting insurance agents requires a method to locate good people to recruit

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Key to successfully building an insurance agency

Recruiting insurance agents is a skill learned over time. It is not about just hiring anyone. it is more about qualifying the right people that have the best chances of succeeding. If you have not read our main insurance recruiters page, I would recommend you do that first.

If you are just starting out and the only one is you, then it is up to you to get the job done. You just don't run adds in a paper or on facebook. You need to get into the trenches and do it yourself till you start building your team. Then with the right win-win attitude and recruiting incentives, your agents will want to help you grow.

In Our last article:  " recruiting 103 " we talked about the kind of people we should be looking for to hire. Now we want to discuss some ideas on where we can locate people to join our team in the insurance business. This is a short list, however there are many other methods and ways to generate possible recruits.

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Some of these recruiting resources are so obvious, that they are usually over looked. Here are just a few of the most obvious.

  • People we interview

First off, and many times totally overlooked, when recruiting insurance agents, is the people we are actually interviewing and trying to sell insurance to. Right off the bat, this should give you about 480 possible recruits to look at if you are running 10 interviews a week. When was the last time you suggested to someone that you just interviewed that you are looking to add some people to your agency, and would they know of anyone. When I asked that question, many times the client or prospect would say "How about me"

  • Target markets

This is where you identify a specific market to recruit to. As an example someone that is in the teaching profession, someone who just retired from the military, etc. The reason you would want to recruit target market candidates increases the chances that new agents success.

Why? First of and foremost is that they have a common bond. Secondly, they will have a continuous flow of names, and they are familiar with all the financial problems that someone faces in the same field that they came from.

  • Your existing agent interviews
An  excited agent

Another area for recruiting Insurance agents that I found  useful when I was building my agency, was to have my agents help the team. To accomplish this, I had each one of my agents fill out a weekly report, and on this weekly report, at the bottom of the sheet was a place that asked for "who should I talk to this week about our business?"

We encouraged each of our agents to provide one name of at least one person they ran into during the week either through an interview or otherwise, that they felt I should talk to about an insurance career. As  we grew, and during the height of our recruiting years, it took me and another key manager over 8 hours a day, five days a week to just keep up with all the recruiting interviews and follow-ups. The key to this success formula is disclosed in our agency building manual.

  • Existing Clients

Another one of the most overlooked for recruiting Insurance agents are your existing clients or policyholders that have policies and were written through your agency.

They are the people that are already sold on your company and your products. And most importantly, they are believers in life insurance products, which is probably one of the most important ingredients when you are hiring an agent. If they are not a true believer in life insurance, they will not be able to sell the product with a passion.

So if you are recruiting insurance agents, the information on this page can provide you with more than enough people to recruit. You just need to ask. No one is going to know if your looking for agents unless you ask them.

Now available - A complete *Insurance Recruiting and Agency Building manual. It provides you a complete blueprint and support system to jump start your recruiting career. click here for more details.

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Recruiting insurance agents
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